Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

Eva Rotar, 2. a

My experience with bullying Some schools have a strategy to prevent bullying from happening. Does this plan really help? Does it really make a difference? I believe bullying is a big problem in schools. Therefore teachers teach children from an early age that bullying can affect us tremendously.The bullied kids can suffer a lot as this kind of violence has a strong emotional impact on them. They feel rejected and excluded.If the school does not intervene to help them, the situation can aggravate quickly. Every year there are a number of students who try to commit suicide when bullied. Bullying can also affect the perception we have of ourselves. For instance, I was bullied in primary school because I was chubby. Because of that I had to work on my self - esteem so I would not feel bad about myself anymore. I believe that at one point in their lives, most children have been bullied. Their peers can be extremely cruel but I believe we should be grateful for the situation as it made us stand up for ourselves. Nobody could protect us there, so we became stronger. In cases like that, teachers do not usually help the bullied students, so sometimes they can solve the problem among themselves. If it lasts longer, schools should try to talk to both parts involved. Despite many strategies to prevent it, unfortunately bullying is still present in schools. Zala Potočnik, 4a In primary school I attended there was a kid who was bullied every day. They called him names, pushed him, saying things like »go kill yourself.« Our school didn't do much about it and it went on for 8 years. I think this is something that should not have happened anywhere and the teache rs and other kids should have helped the victim and not just ignore because they were scared or simply chose not to see it. Anonymous I'm willing to share a personal story about what happened in primary school. I had a friend (let's call her Anny). We had been best friends, always together until I found out something Anny had done which made me lose respect towards her. Then one day a school mate told me Anny had been bullying, making fun and pushing another classmate. My heart stopped so I went to Anny to talk about it and she told me it was true. It was the day I lost respect towards her and the last day



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