Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

I talked to her.There is one thing I can't stand - bullying and making fun of people. I think imperfections and differences make us beautiful. There was this new kid at school. Since he was new and didn't know anyone, it was hard for him to fit in. He had a minor facial deformity, which was why the kids liked picking on him just for fun. This is not right. Making fun of somebody just because of his appearance isn't fair. We shouldn't be judged by the way we look. Tia Kramar Brodarič, 3b Bullying can lead to mental health problems. I know someone who was bullied. She was a little girl and her classmates didn't like her.There was no specific reason for that. One day they locked her in one of the lockers and left her for 20 minutes.She started having trust issues and insecurities.Bullying mostly occurs in schools and it cannot be prevented as it happens unexpectedly. Insecurities and trust issues can sometimes lead to suicide. Anonymous Bullying is wrong and I can tell because I have been bullied. It happened in primary school and I was bullied because I didn't live with my father.Many girls would gather together and tell me I was going to be a total mess because I didn't have anyone to guide me through life. That hurt me and I lost my self - esteem.I shut people out because I realized that the more energy and attention I would give to people the worse it will get. Eventually I got used to it and it didn't bother me anymore. Anonymous I was bullied when I arrived from Venezuela in Slovenia from Venezuela. I was very young so it had a strong effect on me. They used to make fun of me just because I was a new kid.In my country things worked out differently and they used that as an excuse.That horrible experience made me lose confidence in myself and as a result I stopped talking for a year. I'm happy to say that now I0m confident and know my worth but it's horrible to do that to a child. I believe peop le who bully others have their own problems and they should work on that. However, that is not an excuse for what they do. Bullying sometimes has a long lasting effect and sometimes leads to awful things such as suicide. Anonymous


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