Aškerčevi asi 2022-23


Don't be a zero, be a hero and refrain from being a bully While in our childhood and teenage years bullying was considered normal, it obviously shouldn't be. I will talk about ways to prevent bullying. People have very different approaches to others being mean to them. Some might brush it off as if nothing has happened while others cry about it for a longer period of time, which has a huge impact on their emotional well - being. Bullying that occurs in primary school like mine did, gives children the feeling of being rejected as they do not know many other children except their peers in school. So naturally they listen to the opinions of others who are closest to them and with whom they spend a lot of time together. Of course children try to think of a strategy of how to avoid a bully, such as hiding in the loo or not eating lunch because the bully is in the school cafeteria. The methods used to avoid bullying will never end up being a solution.The only right thing to do if someone speaks up about being bullied is to intervene. In my case luckily a teacher noticed it and reported it to the principal. That action affected the bully so much that his whole personality turned upside down when he realized he would get in trouble. Reporting bullying also has a huge impact on other victims, making them feel more comfortable about opening up. I think bullying should be taken very seriously before it is too late and if you witness it, you should report it. Patricija Kužnik, 4a


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