Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

If someone gets a gift and throws it away, not being thankful.

Zala Potočnik, 4. b

It shouldn't have happened I was on the bus and an old woman was barely standing next to a young girl who was sitting, listening to music. The girl should have offered the seat to the old lady, not out of obligation but because of solidarity.

I blamed my sister for something she hadn't done. My mum refused to talk to her for two days.

I shouldn't have yelled at my sister for taking my belongings. I was furious after a bad day so I took it out on her. I apologised a few days later but I still regret it.

There was an old lady in the store. She asked a man if he could help her find change because her eyesight was poor. He ignored her. I helped her since I would like someone to help me when I'm older. Good deeds always come back to you. When I was 4, I came to Slovenia, which was quite traumatic. I didn't speak the language. It was my first day in the kindergarten. When I walked in everyone was sitting and looking at me. I introduced myself in my mother tongue and the kids started laughing. It was the most embarrassing day of my life and I will always remember it.

I felt really bad when I shouted at my mum. Once I even made her cry which was terribly disrespectul of me.

In January 2022, the famous WNBA player Brittney Griner was caught with weed in Russia. She was arrested and held in prison. America and Russia made a deal. The USA sent one prisoner to Russia and vice versa. Despite knowing the law in Russia, she was still carrying illegal substance with her. Now she will be living a normal life without being put in jail. I once stole a pen from a book store. It wasn't much and I'm sure the company recovered from the loss but I know I shouldn't have done it.The problem with shoplifting is morals, not money. What starts off as a pen might lead to serious crimes in the future. Not to mention how mentally


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