Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

I think god sees everything. If you are kind - hearted he will return everything Kaja Siard, 4. a

Being courteous pays off And yet It costs nothing. Kindness comes back to us. Maybe one day you will be in trouble or need help so people will gladly show you the right way out of it. People tend to repay a kind gesture with kindness. You might get a job or find love because of it. It brings everyone together and makes us happier. You can make someone's day just by being pleasant, it would also make you feel better. Good people will always be on your side. It doesn't. Call me a cynic, but most people will take advantage of your pleasant and courteous nature for their own personal gain or see you as weak and a perfect target for manipulation. It also helps us in awkward situations because we can break tensions with our character and charisma. More people will want to be in your presence. I believe karma is real,we get back the good and bad deeds.

It makes me sad - our stories There is a video on YouTube that puts a few people into a room and tells them they have to decide who gets a thousand dollars. The amount of verbal abuse, narcissism and blatant racism thrown around just to receive a measly thousand dollars is truly sickening. It's something that shouldn't happen at all, but the sad part of it is that people like that exist and are willing to psychologically torment someone so much for a thousand dollars. Nestle stealing drinking water in third - world countries and then selling it back as too expensive bottled water to the people who cannot afford it.The water was not even safe for consumption.


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