Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

lend a helping hand to those in need

you don't talk behind someone's back

Why is respecting other people so important? Without respect any and all relationships would crumble. If people were not respectful, the whole world would be arguing, there would be constant conflicts everywhere. Respect builds trust and appreciation. It is the form of mutual agreement towards the other person. It helps us share opinions without being judgemental. From there you can build friendships, honesty, relationships.

We don't know what someone has been through. Therefore we mustn't judge and cause even more harm. Bear in mind that someone who is not nice might just be having a bad day.

Because it is what holds our society together and enables us to do good deeds without expecting any reward.It is the base of deeper relationships, the first step towards having a positive opinion of others.

We all want to be respected and loved. Being disrespectful shows how narrow - minded, rude and insecure you are inside. Disrespecting others is not seeing them as equals. We won't get far with this attitude. If you respect people, they will respect you. It shows they are important and that you are generous and mature. Without respect our society wouldn't function, people wouldn't know what their position is. Maybe one day you will need help. Even if the people you were nice to do not become your friends or partners, they might remember you one day and will help you out. Respect prevents lies , verbal and physical abuse and builds bonds,affection among people.


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