Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

What is your opinion of rote learning? (rote memorization)

It is by far the most effective type of learning although many teachers don’t support it. It also stimulates a stronger way of manifesting knowledge. Lovro Ločnikar

I think memorizing to keep information in your head is useful.

Lovro Jović

It is okay but not in all subjects. You just have to memorize the date or year of an event. I wouldn’t recommend it in maths or Slovene. Tereza Kavčič

If it is effective it doesn’t matter what method we use.

Denis Kranjc

School uniforms - yes/no

I am in favour of school uniforms since they are a fabric of knowledge and modesty. Students shouldn’t come to school showing their knees, shoulders and “private parts.” School is where we learn, it’s not a social event. Lovro Ločnikar I don’t think we need school uniforms but we need some rules about how students should be dressed. I don’t find it appropriate to wear a crop top that covers basically nothing. In my opinion such clothes are not to be worn in schools as they are inappropriate and disrespectful. Tereza Kavčič No, but I would be in favour of stricter rules about what is inappropriate clothing. Everyday we can see “outstanding” cases of what is not appropriate and it would be nice if we were stricter about that. Leona Obreza

No, because our style is very important.


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