Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

More engagement should be encouraged and finding out what talents the students have. Also talking about mental health is important and I think schools are currently not doing their best. Jurij Žerjal I really like this school so I wouldn’t make any specific changes. I would give more authority to teachers because some students nowadays don’t know how to behave or talk to teachers. Lovro Jović

Our homework could be graded. Five pluses - excellent grade.

Ter eza Kavčič

Fewer unimportant, useless lessons. I would limit theoretical things and focus on practical knowledge. Denis Kranjc

What are the things that should be kept in our school system?

The formal relationship between students and teachers and the chance for students to socialize. Lovro Ločnikar

Standardized testing as they are good for us and excursions as they are fun.

Tereza Kavčič

The subjects, lessons, chapters that provide students with general knowledge.

Denis Kranjc

The length of a lesson and the length of holidays.

Leona Obreza

Tests yes, but fewer.

Jurij Žerjal


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