Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

Gašper Ocvirk, 2. b

Some of the most common complaints we hear?

The strict rules that are compulsory in most schools such us chewing a gum, staying quiet, doing your homework. Lovro Ločnikar That the teachers are responsible for our failure. If anyone is to blame it is ourselves because we don’t study enough. Tereza Kavčič

That bad grades are the teacher’s fault. This year I have learnt that my grade depends on the effort I’ve put into studying.

Lovro Jović

There is too much homework, therefore students have less free time. Or the complaint when many students fail the test it proves the test was too difficult. Denis Kranjc

About the teachers being disrespectful, that they like a specific gender or a person..


Schools don’t teach us about the real world. They are not effective for every type of personality and for many they can be really stressful. Jurij Žerjal

What changes would you make in our schools?

I would reorganize the whole system. The first change would be a four - day week. So four days in school, three days off. I believe it would raise effectiveness. Leona Obreza In our school I wouldn’t want to change anything. However, I would put a ban on private schools because they are unfair and they keep the students from reality. Lovro Ločnikar


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