Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

Do you think standardized testing is the most effective way to assess knowledge?

In my opinion it is a narrow minded way of assessing a student’s knowledge. It contains subjects and knowledge that keep certain students away from free rational thinking. Lovro Ločnikar I know it is the easiest way of assessing knowledge. Nevertheless, it causes a lot of stre ss so students feel nervous most of the time. Leona Obreza. I think it is, even if there is too much testing sometimes. That way we are forced to study our subjects regularly. It would be fun if we could do our tests in pairs � Tereza Kavčič No. I believe and I’ve experienced that the grade doesn’t show your real knowledge. You might have learnt from many sources and read a lot of material but there are questions in the exam from the chapters you didn’t read so you don’t know them that well. Or maybe you were just nervous that day. Denis Kranjc What were your favourite moments or experiences in your education? The excursion “Soška fronta”, no doubt. New friends with whom I’m having so much fun. I will be sad when the school ends. I also like it a lot when I get a good grade. Lovro Jović The best moments were when our school took us to concerts, operas, theatres and other performances that inspired us to be creative. It was enjoyable until it lasted. Lovro Ločnikar The ones with my friends in school. They make everything easier even though everything is falling apart sometimes. I loved Soška fronta, our excursion in October because we could spend a lot of time together and have fun. Tereza Kavčič


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