Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

What do you think the most exciting or effective environment would be?

I think the environment which encourages debate. It makes lessons much more interesting. Jurij Žerjal

Spending more time and learning in nature, go on field trips more often.

Lovro Jović

The most exciting environment for a child would probably be a bouncy castle and for a teenager most likely a club. Lovro Ločnikar I would love it if there were more excursions since I learn and remember a lot from them. When you have a field trip and you see the thing you are learning about, it all makes much more sense. We should also work in pairs more often. By doing that, we could learn from each other and have fun while learning. Tereza Kavčič A place where everybody is friendly and teachers have fun with their students. In classrooms there should be photos and presentations related to the subject. Denis Kranjc The one that ensures safety and freedom. The most comfortable environment is the one where you can be yourself. Leona Obreza

Gašper Ocvirk, 2. b


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