Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

What is the role of a teacher in students' lives?

A teacher is a professionally trained individual who inspires students to act mature and to educate them on how life works. A teacher cannot be a student’s friend or a caregiver. Lovro Ločnikar Teachers can sometimes teach us life lessons (like our teacher Jasmina Veselinović). It is very important that teachers bring us down to earth and tell us for example that there is no progress without regular homework. I really like it when sometimes they tell us life stories and we can learn from them. Teachers have a huge impact on our life. Tereza Kavčič They are supposed to teach us but they should also be able to engage with students and showing their perspective on the world. Jurij Žerjal. The role was bigger in primary school because I was younger and growing up so they were part of it. In high school they teach us how to be kind, how to understand people and stay calm, but their impact is not that huge. Lovro Jović Through the period of children’s growing up, teachers are important personalities. They have authority, they are strict and their main job is to prepare students for life. They can also be the so called “third” parent since they teach us how to behave in different situations or in a community. Leona Obreza Very important as a teacher is the one who gives students information and knowledge. We are also together for a few hours a day so we know each other well. Teachers can also help students if they find out or know they are in trouble. Denis Kranjc


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