Aškerčevi asi 2022-23

4a's thoughts about education

Do you feel that the current way we are teaching children fully prepares them for the needs of the 21st century?

No, I believe that schools prepare students to be silent citizens. It is the way our system works and it is the way that ensures our society does not collapse. Although the 21 st century’s needs are much different from those of 20 th century, the school system remains the same. The amount of useful knowledge is not sufficient. What we need is practical life, not definitions. Leona Obreza I think schools should be able to adopt new changes faster than they currently are. We should add new subjects that would help us understand the world. Jurij Žerjal The syllabus should be updated. School should prepare us more for real life things such as: how to spend money, how to deal with bullying, how to make profit. Lovro Jović The current type of education offers a very theoretical form of information that we tend to forget after we finish school. It is important that students know what life offers and how it actually works. Lovro Ločnikar I personally think they should teach us more about life in general - for instance how to pay the bills and offer more psychology lessons. People, especially teenagers with low self - esteem need to overcome it because later in life they will need confidence. We need to be more prepared for adulthood as later in life no one will look after us. Tereza Kavčič No, it does not.There should be more lessons about technology and working with computers.There are too many theoretical subjects and some irrelevant classes that provide you with the knowledge that won’t help you in 21 st century. There should be more lessons about online working - the syllabus should follow what the world needs. Denis Kranjc


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